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Game details

Quest Quest (?): (#151) "Perno Postimees (Пярнуский Почтальон)" Discussion
Game author: zabeg
The game complexity factor: 0.83
Author's factor of game complexity: 1
The game quality index: 9.27
Scenario availability: Availible only for players
Game: Quest
Game format: Team
The levels passing sequence: Storm
Start of the game: 4/26/2014 1:00:00 PM (UTC +3)
The beginning of the game in your time zone: (UTC )
The game completion time: 4/27/2014 6:00:00 AM (UTC +3)
Limit on the game: 15 teams
Participation fee:30eur
Prize fund: 0eur (0% from the sum of subscription)
In the game participated: 7 teams (statistics)
Game status: Game is not available for playing
Responses in the guest book: 47 messages
The list of administrators who actually had access to the scenario: zabeg, Genie, monych, ljovcheg (in detail)
Requested participations 0 teams.

TOP-10 of game

  Teams Finish Bonus Penalty Finish (-bonuses +penalties) Points Rates
  #1  Geogrupp 4/26/2014 10:34:50 PM 4/27/2014 1:00:50 AM 82.67 9.73
  #2  Удачливый Удав 4/26/2014 10:57:52 PM 4/27/2014 1:11:52 AM 37.2 9.23
  #3  Katana 4/27/2014 12:45:28 AM 4/27/2014 9:29:28 AM 33.07 9.11
  #4  Психиатрическая палата №601 4/27/2014 2:47:55 AM 4/27/2014 3:17:55 PM 28.93 10
  #5  Yamakasi 4/26/2014 10:51:57 PM 4/27/2014 5:07:57 PM 24.8 8.89
  #6  Бедные Йорики 4/26/2014 11:25:49 PM 4/27/2014 10:49:49 PM 20.67 9.14
  #7  Team Yoda-Xforce 4/27/2014 12:55:10 AM 4/28/2014 12:21:10 AM 16.53 8.5

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From game author

Encounter games are back with my new event called "Perno Postimees".

This is going to be a day_till_night game including wide range of difficulty tasks and real locations flavored with some new ideas. You are going to visit sights around Pärnu, travel through famous places and a bit of countryside.

"Perno Postimees" is a name of newspaper that was one of the first estonian press periodicals. All you need to know is that it was established in Pärnu where our game is held. Some periodical press things will appear during the game. 

Game is going to be held in english.

1 Bonus task before the game is here. Be first to win 3 days of prepaid internet (EMT simcard).

You will get all the level tasks after game begins.

Statistics are open.

All tasks lead to coordinates.

Coordinates format: XX.XXXXX YY.YYYYY (decimal with different number of signs after comma/dot)

Game area: Pärnu +35km

Team: 1 car (up to 5 persons)

Code format: EN******* (Green paint, red/blue marker)


Extra equipment that you will need: (will be updated)

- Virtual:

--- Android OS device (at least one, much = better) with NFC, GPS and working internet connection

----- Flow Free app (google play)

----- NFC TagInfo by NXP app (google play) or any other nfc reader

----- QR Barcode Scanner app (google play)

----- Ability to install custom apps from unknown sources

--- Microsoft Office 2007 Excel (GoogleDocs can also be used but it has limited functionality, so it will be harder to operate with)

- Real: masking tape, UV flashlight (little 1 diode light suits well), waterproof gumboots ...


Before briefing begins organisator will collect prepared android cell phones to install custom app and check it (QR Scanner will be needed there to download the app).

Briefing place and time: 58.3707 24.5471 12:00 (don't get late!)

Skype me evgeny_zabegaew or PM via EN mail for some more information.

Try to install Perno Postimees game app! 1st is Play market link, 2nd is a direct file link
(android 4.0.0 and later, GPS device)

1/17/2021 5:49:46 AM
(UTC +2)
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